Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Star of David

or, Seal of Solomon

Solomon saw an ancient Tibetan symbol he liked and was impressed enough by it that he chose it as his official seal, it became the symbol for Israel, now called The Star of David.

The symbol is two interlocking isoceles (equal-sided) triangles. Each triangle represents the trinity, one triangle is the spiritual, the other is the material. The symbol means, simply "as above, so below - the spiritual realm is mirrored by the material." Westerners say on earth as it is in heaven. They are interlocked because they are connected in reality, yet still separate aspects of life.

The trinity in man represents body, mind, and soul. One is not a whole being without any of these.

At the center of the Tibetan symbol was the swastika, which simply meant the four cardinal directions of the world (north, south, east, west), always rotating; it was also said to represent the four seasons, with each one changing into the next one. In other words, within the trinity is the world, always in motion.

I'm sure you've noticed that from any side, a pyramid is a triangle, and of course, the overall structure is four triangles, leaning toward each other coming together at the apex, or topmost point.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Jose Sinclair said...

Hi Ruth - thanks for the kind comments. I've had some from students writing papers on metaphysics at college, so this is also encouraging. I'm glad some are interested enough to find the deeper meaning in all this. It makes the perennial wisdom more universal and you can see the commonality in nearly all philosophies at the core.

THis is the theme of the myth of the minotaur and the golden thread (was it Perseus?) left behind to find his way back out of the labyrinth: the golden thread is the 'hidden truth' that holds all the pearls (religions and philosophies) together. Read Natalie Banks' "The Golden Thread" sometime for a great theosophical essay on this myth and the world's religions in general.

.."El Aurens", aka Jose..

nick Stibbs said...

I cannot see a swastika in the middle of the Star of David. Am I missing something. Could you help me there...

Jose Sinclair said...

Nick, you have to find the original Tibetan symbol that both were taken from.. the swastika is in the center of the two triangles, in that space.. some say the four spokes are the major directions, others the four seasons, but the implication is movement over time, and a return to the original position periodically..

Jason StarofDavid Corning said...

I am going to try my best not to be rude but I am must ask you, seriously, as someone I assume is not clinically insane, you don't really, truly believe Solomon (or any ancient Israelites) travelled to Tibet to discover the Star of David symbol? Do you? If one wanted to sound a little more convincing, you could have said Egypt, Babylon, or even Persia or Greece, but Tibet? And I am not supposed to laugh at that assertion? Here is my common sense (as iin Thomas Paine) analysis of this post-

YOU: Solomon saw an ancient Tibetan symbol he liked and was impressed enough by it that he chose it as his official seal, it became the symbol for Israel, now called The Star of David.
ME: You are either clinically insane, a liar, or someone with a very wicked sense of humor. Which is it? Because the probability of Solomon borrowing the Hexagram from the Tibetans is ~.0000000001% or less. (AND you know it)

José Sinclair said...

Apparently some people have never read history, and don't know that caravans from China to the ROman EMpire were common - as was trading, sharing of knowledge, ideas, books.. Genghis Khan came west to STOP Catholic repression when he found out about it - he built Beijing (1st city in Asia, which was nomadic) to house REFUGEES from the Catholic "dark ages".. if Solomon was wise (as well as such a nationalist that he bankrupted Israel to build stuff) then he would know about these concepts..
there were BUDDHIST monasteries all the way to Greece by the "time of Christ", so these ideas were not only known worldwide, but accepted for their value all over the world, just like the Judaic Bible (and the "books of Moses", who was a killer first, then fled, came back, took his "tribe", then killed by stoning the half of those who didn't want to follow invisible YHWH, who didn't make himself evident to anyone but Moses, so the whole trio of western religions was founded basically on the "laws" of a homicidal sociopath! unreal - God apparently allows killing of anyone who disagrees with his "followers" - nice sense of LAW and ETHICS..

It's hard to believe that without the metaphysical side of all this that the Bible would have held up more than a few centuries.. it wouldn't.. as history, its innacurate, as religion, it's just more "might makes right" and "if we win wars, God is on our side - if not, we must have done something to offend him" - this is not much different than pagan idols, really.. these "commandments" are no different than those existing in EGYPT before the mythological "Exodus".. the Hebrews just incorporated existing laws like every society was doing - they just added the "jealous sole god YHWH" stuff, which doens't say is the ONLY god, just "have none others before me", largely b/c the entire world worshipped ASTARTE, the female goddess of fertility, love, life giving and nurturing -- the Bible was afraid to use her name even due to popularity in Israel, so they said "Baal" instead, which meant "husband", and was used to replace Astarte's name..
This was nothing but a takeover of female worship by a patriarchal priesthood. the priests of Israel adapted the YHWH cult due to the male dominance over women and the "goddess of all mankind", worshipped in every culture (as Kali, Demeter, Aphrodite, Isis, Astarte, etc..)

this is thinly disguised militant imperialism, with a "god of war" at the head.. and one who is SEPARATE from mankind apparently, and doesn't intervene either, nor show any signs of anything at all, other than having blind worshippers

José Sinclair said...

IF people were paying attention to the Vatican (those guys actually talk & debate over 'the religion', and report it), during the 90's, just before "that" sex scandal broke (there's one every decade), they were arguing whether "TO RETEACH THE RESURRECTION AS A PARABLE AS INTENDED", and just stopped short of saying "the Gospel story" -- the ONLY argument against doing so was "many fundamentalists and others will lose their religion" - that is, IF we tell them it's a parable with deeper meaning, that will drive them away?? too funny - the TRUTH sends people scurrying like roaches from the LIGHT of understanding their own religion..

we are all children of god, ie 'Christ' - but most aren't awakened to it yet.. "these things I do you will do in even greater numbers", means that this is a growing ability within man, to activate the parts of our brains that allow us to see beyond the material, and use this "other plane" to create reality - that's where it comes from originalls, thoughts become things (that are feasible that is) in the material, that's "Creation"..

José Sinclair said...

ps - to NICK - the TIbetan symbol has the "star of david" as the outside, and at the hollow center, a swastika to show "four seasons, four directions" turning, or always coming back around..
These are simple, universal concepts - to think only ONE group or cult would think of them is absurd..
Trinity is nothing more than "body, mind, and soul", without any one of which we would NOT be a "whole human being"

José Sinclair said...

re - Insanity? IS NOTHING MORE INSANE THAN MOSES 'hearing god' in a fraxinella plant, which burns at 118 degrees to germinate its seeds - common scientific knowledge? AND to PROVE JEHOVAH is "with him" he has YHWH turn his staff into a SERPENT -- yes, THIS IS REALITY INDEED, cuz it's written in the Bible.. also YHWH reveals himself to a known KILLER, who later stones to death the half of his tribe that won't follow the "invisible, silent god that talks to Moses alone" -- nice origin to ANY religion, much less THREE of them! no wonder western religions and their followers are always embroiled in wars and violence vs each other - IT'S ALL CONDONED BY YHWH IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, including slavery and genocide..

TOTALLY SOCIOPATHIC, by all definitions..