Friday, January 1, 2010

Basic Self-Healing Techniques

Basic Meditation exercise for running energy and self-healings

[These are ancient Chinese techniques brought to the U.S. in the 50's, and taught to tens of thousands at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, in several cities, our was in Palo Alto, next to Stanford U. The courses were filled with high tech workers and scientists. They are called psychic healings, energy healings, aura cleansings, self-healings. A Vietnamese woman told me they are used there as energy healings; Vietnam was settled by Chinese invaders around 900 a.d. Holistic healings and martial arts came from Taoism, one of the world's oldest philosophies still in practice]

When you mediate (which is clearing your head of thoughts, images, nervous energy, and may take years of practice to attain and most will give up trying):

1. Center yourself inside your head, eliminate all images that flow thru - you can imagine a door you send them thru and close it

2. Imagine your aura (energy field) only being about 2-3 feet away from you, egg shapes - we spread them out to our relatives and loved ones and our body energy is dissipated; when you bring it in, it gets more concentrated around yourself. One more thing about the aura: when you bring your it in, imagine that all connections to others are now severed or broken - this is usually family (these will come back later, unless you don't let them, its ok and natural, we even have them to spirits of the dead sometimes and need to break those too). These are called either 'cords' or 'etheric threads' -- all things leave these after coming into contact - if thin or weak enough they break on their own, if not they're strong and more binding

3. Imagine a grounding cord or pipe running down your spine and into the earth - let your 'bad' or negative energy flow down this and back into the earth (molten rock and magma, can handle it)

4. Imagine new or clean energy coming down from the sun or stars through your head and into your body - some say this is the halo in religious art, the energy they're drawing from the "cosmos" - this will help rejuvenate the lost/bad energy you dump

5. Imagine this new energy flowing down your spine then out to all your extremities, out through your hands and feet - these are the bodies energy centers - so hands are used for healing, feet are used to connect to the earth energy - the “Crown chakra, exemplified by the crowns on kings (crown of thorns on Jesus to mock this) shows the open chakra at the top of your head receiving this cosmic energy - Light of God, christians would call it (no fundamentalists, healings are not the "work of the devil" – clueless)

6. Do this 5-15 minutes if you can, that's long enough - yawning is natural, its psychic energy being released. When done, imagine your aura refilling with all your energy thats lost or dissipated - this gives you a closing burst of energy I guess; I think the term "collecting yourself" in the west describes this.

All this will at least help, though its hard to maintain concentration at first, hence all the classes on meditation and healing. Try to regularly do 15 minutes morning and night, you'll lose lots of tension, the others will feel better around you too. Do short sessions when stressed – I stopped my programming work a couple of times daily and in five minutes my stress was relieved, sometimes I'd go to the institute and get healings from others; someone was there all day to provide those for free.

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